Core Yoga opens in 2018, where I (Siri Kruse) will be offering intensive workshop-based teaching in Oslo and other parts of Norway. Two weekend courses are set up in central Oslo in January and April 2018. Further courses will be announced on a continuous basis. You can sign up for single courses or several over time for personal follow-up. The courses are open for all levels.

Core Yoga is not a branch of yoga, but a name I have given the school to say that yoga is about exploring our nature and the nature that we are part of. The yogic practices can help us come to know more about ourselves, on all sides,  and promote stability and freedom of movement in the body as a whole.

On the courses you will learn a comprehensive yoga practice, consisting of physical yoga postures, stress-reducing techniques, breathing exercises and seated meditation. In lectures you will learn about Hatha yoga practice in relation to philosophy, psychology, biology and physical fitness.

In addition you will learn functional strength training with personal trainer Ida Sophia Sveinsson, as a useful and fun complement to yoga practice. By exercising sport through different forms of strength and fitness training, we can maintain yoga as a bodily and mental self-exploring practice.

Teacher bio

My background for teaching is extensive experience within traditional Hatha yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, personally guided by internationally prominent teachers of asana, pranayama and meditation. I have long-term comprehensive teacher training, both within and outside the Yoga Alliance. I am also a trained clinical psychologist in body-based relational psychotherapy. Read more. 

I am opening Core Yoga with great thanks to my teacher Paul Dallaghan. His broad and flexible approach to Hatha yoga has inspired and developed my practice and teaching over the past three years. With such openness in my own practice, I have experienced more of the benefits of yoga. 


For more information in English please get in touch: contact-form, e-mail: kruse.siri@gmail.com or Facebook.